How to use online monitoring via operator panel in production lines, section 1: instant counter of jobs

How to use online monitoring via operator panel in production lines, section 1: instant counter of jobs

Industry section: Small and medium assembly production lines with near to zero infrastructure for monitoring

Is it possible to help both operators and managers to gain more with near-to-zero costs for those industries without any IT infrastructure?

Operators are those who are in front-line of the production and their job is to fuel the production lines, businesses in labor-intensive production lines like assembly lines (Garment, Apparel, Montage, Automotive) are struggling to get useful data from the production with the least intervention, there are many ways to get data out of production lines like Watcher-Cam, Watcher-Jet, but mentioned methods are not fast enough to deploy in production line nor validated during logging data, then Monitait operator panel is equipped with simple data gathering through ordinary devices like tablet and mobile phones

Many Operators know how to use devices and prefer to direct report to a system
to use an instant counter, operators can see their nominal tempo and try to comply with that 
the bar will show the nominal time defined for the production and sync the tempo of the production

There are many other automated ways to gather data from the production lines, but some factories prefer to get data manually due to financial trouble or to engage operators with data, Monitait give them a simple platform with near to $0 cost for their monitoring as even simple assistant like operator panel have been given them +5% OEE increasing, not only that, the operators can share their issues with managers and engineers instantly without bureaucratic processes

A practical use case of an instant counter of Monitait in a production line resulted in a 7% increase in normal throughput within 7 days and also help managers identify their best operators with the help of data plus identifying the major reasons for downtime and bottlenecks.

Can this system be converted to something more automated?

Yes, but it is recommended for small businesses before spending money, they should first deploy the culture and find the most critical points of data gathering and then start to convert the current system to other automated features like Watcher-Jet and Watcher-Cam.