Who will get the most of AI in the production lines? Managers, Workers or Both?

Who will get the most of AI in the production lines? Managers, Workers or Both?
The Iceberg of Ignorance depict how shop floor data remains useless without a direct analytics to the Top Executives

Top managers know 4% of what is going on in their manufacturing, which is horrible! middle managers know 74% and shop-floor workers know 100% of what's going on in the organization, this means there is a mandatory need for a feedback loop for the managers, but know to get the most benefits

through the previous statement, it's obvious that there is a need to convey analytical data to the manager, without barriers or extra links, but how about the workers?

the Truth to be said:

The companies determined that AI would create 69 million new jobs by 2027 but eliminate 83 million. The economists noted that white-collar workers face the most risk, with construction workers and many other blue-collar jobs remaining unaffected. wefourm

above report depict that not only there is no threat or other risks for the shop-floor worker, but there would be many other opportunities available for the future.

First, AI will help them to do their job effectively, there are many ways to help people in production which never have been done before

Second, AI will help hard-working ones stand out of the line, which help them get higher promotions and also be a valid resume for their future jobs

demonstration of the best operators in a factory based on the analysis of AI 

Third,  AI is a tool created by humans and for humans. AI does not understand consciousness or emotions; it only mimics cognitive processes based on its programming and available data. This understanding is vital in dispelling fears of a sentient AI.

The fear of AI, deeply rooted in our neural mechanisms, reflects our uncertainties about this rapidly evolving technology. However, understanding these fears and proactively addressing them is crucial for responsible AI development and integration.

It's better to embrace new technologies rather than fight them!

For decades blue-collar workers were one of the most vulnerable sections of businesses during crises, AI can diminish these fungibilities for the hard-working ones if fears don't perpetuate by sci-fi ideologies!